Busy Bees All Around!

large tubular pink flower
Endless triple digit days suit desert willow just fine. And to prove it, this native small tree is ready with a “howdy” for everyone who stops in at Austin PBS and Central Texas Gardener.
bumble bee on pink flower
Airborne greeters—acrobatic hummingbirds and furry bumble bees heading for the floral food court—entertain me every morning.
smiling people on TV set
We were busy bees, too, when on August 8 we hit “record” for CTG’s first fall broadcasts. Thanks to a talented Austin PBS team (not all pictured), it went like clockwork. CEO Luis Patino stopped by for by cheers all around. (Photo by John Breed, Studio Coordinator for ACC’s Studio B next door, who’s prepping their first records, too.)
man with TV camera on studio set
A few days before, we held the technical version of a dress rehearsal for camera angles, lighting, set touchups and control room details. Doug LaValliere checked it all out with a new camera.
two men sitting on floor adding wooden block to bottom of artificial plant
He and Eric Davis stabilized our new artificial plants (that need no light or water!), so they don’t flop over at a most inconvenient moment. Believe me, this wasn’t as easy as it seems. A drill bit actually bit the dust.
two college students on CTG set
Austin PBS summer interns Logan Stephens and Tanner Bass gave us a laugh with their impromptu CTG interview. “And why is it that you don’t have time to take care of your artificial plants?” Logan asked with a straight face.
paper sign: Reserved Parking with drawing of vintage truck holding plants
On recording day, floor manager Steve Maedl set out the cute “park here” signs for our guests, also created by Logan and Tanner.
chip chart on studio set chair
Engineer Jeffrey Boer calibrated and matched all three cameras, so the color and levels are all the same when you watch. You can get camera calibration/color charts (chip chart) for your own videos.
two men in control room looking at monitors
In the control room, Jeffrey showed Tanner his procedure. Later, senior editor Paul Sweeney stepped in to start and stop our digital records, naming each for guest and camera(s).
control room with monitors and two people
Katie Nelson set up teleprompter scripts while director Ed Fuentes finalized the switcher and monitors with the engineers.
man looking at monitor and audio mixer
Audio engineer Arun Venkatesh patched it all in before heading out to attach guest microphones and then check levels.
woman behind camera to TV set
Beverly Barrett framed her shot.
cute sign: Quiet on Set with vintage PBS logo
Heads up!
crew and TV cameras to guests on main set
Host John Hart Asher and beloved guest Andrea DeLong-Amaya, Director of Horticulture at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, swapped ideas about timesharing plants for habitat, discovery and beauty across seasons. Dream team coming your way October 14! (Photo by JJ Weber)
man on TV set getting face lightly powdered
New Garden Road’s Scott Blackburn took the Backyard Basics spot, after getting “de-humidified” by Steve Maedl.
women hugging dog on woman's lap with man laughs while looking on
And what a pup-a-razzi rush to snuggle Augie again, now pushing age 14! But you’ll certainly appreciate Daphne’s timely tips to answer your questions, too.

Thank you all for being part of our intrepid team! Linda