Cultivating Beautiful Designs & Dazzling Daylilies

If you were a bee or a butterfly, wouldn’t you stop here?
front yard poppies flowers Lucinda Hutson Central Texas Gardener
Even the mail carrier I met at Lucinda Hutson’s fiesta garden one morning chatted up plants and how to divide. See what’s behind her design inspiration!
front courtyard and raised vegetable bed Lucinda Hutson Central Texas Gardener
And check out how Lucinda puts zest into summer herbs!

So, why do bluebonnets put on white or maroon bonnets?
white bluebonnet Central Texas Gardener
Daphne tells us: “We all remember from school how offspring get half their genes from each parent, and white or red Lupinus texensis are no different. Non-blue flowers are a recessive trait, so we don’t see them as often in wild populations.”
red bluebonnet Central Texas Gardener
Remember the kerfuffle at UT a few years ago when maroons showed up, prompting frenzy that Aggies had infiltrated? Not true. “Blame” cross pollination in seeds that made it into this mix. And since blue is dominant, most likely future seeds will be true blue.
Maroon bluebonnets at UT Austin Central Texas Gardener
Texas A&M AgriLife did cultivate Texas Superstar® ‘Texas Maroon’ and ‘Lady Bird Johnson Royal Blue’. Find out more.
Lady Bird Johnson Royal Blue bluebonnet Texas A&M AgriLife Central Texas Gardener
Many of us grow cultivars, thanks to clever horticulturists. One drought-tough perennial beloved for its pink flowers is Gaura lindheimeri ‘Siskiyou Pink’ that was discovered by Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery in Oregon.
Gaura lindheimeri 'Siskiyou Pink' Central Texas Gardener
It all started with native Gaura lindheimeri, beloved by butterflies on whirling white sprays of blossoms. ‘Siskiyou Pink’ does not reseed, however. Find out more.
Gaura lindheimeri Central Texas Gardener
Lilies are a hybridizer’s dream, even in our gardens. I had nothing to do with ‘Linda’ Asiatic lily’s origin, though I’d love to know it! I just bought it several years ago because I love the color, even though it wasn’t named for me.
'Linda' lily Central Texas Gardener
Daylilies belong to the genus Hemerocallis, like my ‘Orange Crush’, a passalong from Donna and Mike Fowler.
Orange Crush daylily Central Texas Gardener
Daylilies are also care-free plants that structure things up and blossom with edible petals. This week,
Jeff Breitenstein from the Austin Daylily Society explains how to add daylilies to your easy-going perennial design.
Tom Spencer and Jeff Breitenstein Central Texas Gardener
Find out how to grow, divide, and fertilize these drought-tough, heirloom plants. Watch now!
Purple daylily photo by Jeff Breitenstein Austin Daylily Society Central Texas Gardener
Usually, the Austin Daylily Society conducts an eye-popping show and sale in May. This year, they’re presenting a garden tour instead on May 28 to see how to include in your designs.
Stella D'Oro daylily Central Texas Gardener
Even though slugs and snails are pretty “sluggish,” they can sure chomp your plants quickly! The squash vine borer moth leaves many gardeners in despair. Get Trisha’s tips to take control.
slug, snail, squash vine borer control Central Texas Gardener
On tour, Pat and Tom Ellison went from basic to beautiful, starting when they spent collegiate Saturdays exploring nurseries to design their first container gardens.
Pat and Tom Ellison Central Texas Gardener
When they bought a house and raised a family, their passion kept growing. Now, they’ve got as many outdoor rooms as they have inside.
cute garden fence for outdoor rooms Central Texas Gardener
We met Pat and Tom on an earlier visit in a former TV format. On our return, the flagstone patio that Tom laid years ago was still as level as his engineering mind.
flagstone patio privacy cove near house Central Texas Gardener
This time, he showed us how he culled stones in that pile to depict the Midwest!
patio flagstones depict Midwestern states Central Texas Gardener
Pat and Tom also landed the perfect old door for their DIY privacy fence along a busy street. He finished it off with sanding and a coat of paint.
patio blue door outdoor rooms Central Texas Gardener
To add to the ambience and soften street noise, and mainly, because Tom likes to build things, he built a waterfall and recirculating stream that meanders from front to back.
rock waterfall front and backyard stream Central Texas Gardener
front and backyard stream garden rooms Central Texas Gardener
Family helped build the pond, quite a new idea back then. Tom attributes CTG for his inspiration, but we were just showing off great ideas from the Austin Pond Society.
front yard pond and waterfall Central Texas Gardener
Front yard pond cute street enclosure Central Texas Gardener
Patio cove near house and pond Ellison garden Central Texas Gardener
Pat and Tom spot a good find in a heartbeat, including old fencing that separates interior rooms from front yard neighborly connections.
old iron fence cute garden room surround Central Texas Gardener
cute garden edgers against curving fence garden room Central Texas Gardener
To perfect his edges, Tom formed concrete and dotted with stones unearthed while digging their yard.
cute handmade concrete garden edgers Central Texas Gardener
Then, one year, they went to an Austin Daylily Society show and sale, and Tom was hooked! Their garden will be on the Austin Daylily Society garden tour May 28.
Mulberry Sherbet daylily Central Texas Gardener
succulents, cannas, daylilies front yard garden Central Texas Gardener
Pat really goes for foliage and Tom for flowers. Their team work turns out stunning designs!
Ferns bluebonnets poppies garden design Central Texas Gardener
Along with food for themselves, they grow for the wildlife, including dill for Eastern Black swallowtails caterpillars.
Swallowtail caterpillars on dill Central Texas GardenerMonarch butterfly on tropical milkweed Central Texas Gardener
Ever hospitable to anyone who drops by, they designed an insect hotel for tiny guests.
homemade insect hotel Central Texas Gardener
Pat and Tom can’t resist turning random foundlings into punctuating garden art.
garden art recycled find Central Texas Gardener
Once a vintage car hobbyist, Tom alternates between tinkering with old parts and tinkering with the garden.
old car alternator garden tree bling art Central Texas Gardener
One of his first sculptures is a tribute to Pat’s dad and his collection of wrenches.
dad's wrenches turned into garden sculpture Central Texas Gardener
Everybody loves the Ellisons, as I sure do!
Mail carrier visit to Ellison garden Central Texas Gardener
Watch their truly delightful segment right now.

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