Bulb Season Begins!

Bees headed right over to my early-bird narcissus. It’s an early-blooming paperwhite variety, though I can’t tell you which one!

Others are in various stages of emergence.

That’s one thing I love about bulbs—a new little “package” opens for months. Since I don’t “always” remember what I put where, it’s a fun surprise, too. Narcissus ‘Erlicheer’ is one of my faves.

Over the years, I’ve divided or added perennializing bulbs, especially many species and cultivars of Narcissus. “Perennializing” means that they return year after year, multiplying underground. Like any plant, you’ve got to find the ones that work for you. N. ‘Marieke’ is reliable for me.

A few years ago, Brent Heath from Brent & Becky’s Bulbs gave us a few tips for Central Texas.

In this holiday season, ‘Patrick’ abutilon “lights” up our patio cove, undaunted by recent cold temps in its warmth against the house.

Shrimp plant’s all aglow,too.

To inspire ideas for a new year on its way, this week we repeat one of our fave design programs. Mandi Golman and Jade Florence from Yarrow Landscaping scope out ideas for privacy, living spaces, water retention and floodwater control in small, contemporary gardens.

On tour, see how designer Diana Kirby responded to challenges and new goals in her home garden.

Designers Leah Churner and Colleen Dieter demonstrate how to collect seeds to celebrate the newly launched Central Texas Seed Library!

Watch now!

Happy holidays to you all from Team CTG! Linda