Grow Your Plant Wealth with Leslie Halleck

Pass-along plants, like crinum lily Ellen Bosanquet unfurling hefty blooms amid rain drops, dot my garden with memories of generous friends.
My first native Turk’s cap was a division from a KLRU colleague. When I saw its adaptable attitude in shade, part sun, flooding, and drought, I planted more for quickly attentive hummingbirds and butterflies.

I’d always wanted an early spring-blooming “Grandma’s Flag” iris. Thanks to Julie Clark of Stronger Than Dirt Gardens’ divisions, my first flowers on evergreen plants joined the heritage ones in my neighborhood.

Watch her pruning tips from an earlier segment!

My native coneflowers naturally multiply their perennial cluster, since I leave dried seeds on for little birds that dive into the handy dandy meal.

Whatever they don’t eat or scatter, wind and gravity sprinkle around. The lucky ones hit the right spot to germinate.

Even without deadheading, blossoms continue to arrive for pollinators.

This spring, I cut my first bulbils from a Mangave ‘Bloodspot’ to grow 15 new plants.

Want to learn how to multiply your own wealth with seeds, cuttings, offsets, and divisions?

Certified professional horticulturist Leslie Halleck does the best job I’ve ever seen to explain both how-to and why-it-works behind plant propagation. In her hot-off-the-press Plant Parenting: Easy Ways to Make More Houseplants, Vegetables, and Flowers, she demystifies plant parenting indoors and out.

Leslie headed from her Dallas home base to explain how fun (and easy) it is to start plants of your own.

Whatever your skill level or plant interest, she deciphers definitions, weaves in the science behind techniques, and deftly anticipates common mistakes and how to give them a miss.

It’s an easy read where the layout makes it easy to flip back to a section you want to review when ready to do it yourself. Watch now!

Although she covers lighting for indoor propagation, check out her in-depth (but also easy to read) Gardening Under Lights that illuminates all aspects of interior plant parenting, including stylish ways to satisfy light-deprived succulents.

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John follows up to demonstrate how to divide your houseplants, including carving into overgrown ferns.

He cuts pothos for water-rooting and pinches coleus to root straight into another container. Watch now!

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On tour, when Sprout landscape designer Jackson Broussard returned to his childhood home, he germinated a contemporary, classical design based on sentimental memories.

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